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    Some say internet is a curse others say it’s a blessing. I did some of my own research and found a list with  names of super rich guys who make their money by blogging, and when I say money I mean ALOT of money. They started just like any other blogger, creating a blog about what they like. They posted and posted until one fine day their blog started earning them real money (By real I mean like $40,000 a month or more.) Now they are millionaires thanks to their blogs. So here is a list of 10 guys who think internet is a blessing.

    Michael Arrington – $200,000 a Month

    Pete Cashmore  -  $180,000 a Month

    Timothy Sykes  -  $150,000 a Month 

    Mario Lavandeira  -  $140,000 a Month
     Blog: Perezhilton.com

    Jake Dobkin  -  $80,000 a Month
     Blog: Gothamist.com

    Matt Marshall  – $62,000 a Month

    Ewdison Then  -  $60,000 a Month
     Blog: Slashgear.com

    Nick Denton  -  $60,000 a Month
    Blog:  Lifehacker.com

    Vitaly Friedman – $58,500 a Month

    Collis Taeed  -  $55,000 a Month
    Blog:  Tutsplus.com

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